Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Penny For My Thoughts... (a random collection of thoughts)

...oh no, I'll sell them for a dollar. I LOVE the new Lauren Alaina album. No, that song isn't on it, but she did perform it on Idol. Wildflower is completely worth listening to!

People, please don't wear grey at the gym or when you're working out. Ever. I really don't want to see your awkward sweat lines--especially if you're wearing a thong. Ew.

One would think that with all this gym going, one's physique might start changing a bit. Don't worry, folks, it's not. But yet, I press on...

Modern Family and The Middle are a couple of the best shows on television.

I get stupidly excited to watch reruns of my favorite old shows. Perhaps that's why I started collecting the seasons of Boy Meets World. Too bad I haven't found time to start watching them--this doesn't diminish the excitement, however.

Last random thought for the day....

I love love love our morning news team on Eyewitness News. They are ridiculously funny. It makes waking up too early a little more bearable. This slight obsession with the news may have something to do with the fact that I've been fascinated with the news since I was a child--no idea why! Thanks Aaron, John, Leyla, and Cambi for making my mornings just a little bit brighter.

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erin m. said...

Love Modern Family!! I want to marry someone like Phil. He kills me!

GET TO WATCHING BOY MEETS WORLD! After all that time deciding what to get... :)

Miss you. xo