Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thank You for the Worst Morning Ever...

Thank you, God, for the worst morning I've had in all of my many few years of teaching....

Thank you for the kids you have placed under my care to love and guide with your help.

Thank you for the very real feelings I felt this morning (and for teaching me all about them in this book) and for the tears that I used to express them.

Thank you for showing me your love through the kind words, clean tissues, and sweet hugs from the greatest librarian ever.

Thank you for offering me guidance through a counselor who took one look at me and dropped what she was doing to sit down and help.

Thank you for the blessing of staff members who listened, helped, and hugged me, and for a VP and security guard who checked on me later in the day.

Thank you for offering me peace through a student who sincerely apologized later in the day.

Thank you for showing me your gentleness through a girl who asked for a hug, not knowing how much I needed one too. 

Thank you for giving me laughter through the rest of my kids throughout the day.

Thank you for your prompting to wear my hair straight today so that when kids asked later why I looked different  (I'm sure due to a lack of makeup), I could blame it on the change of hair.

Thank you for sweet messages of encouragement through FB and texts even after I got home today.

Thank you for helping me to see your amazing provision, even in a time of turmoil. 

Thank you for your tears, your love, your guidance, your blessings, your peace, your gentleness, your laughter, your prompting, and your encouragement. 

Thank you for using your children (young and not as young) to teach me more about you today.

Thank you for making beauty from ashes....

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erin m. said...

Love you... not sure what happened but know you are covered in love. miss you