Sunday, September 14, 2014


Two years ago today I took my first "step" after not having walked at all for over six weeks. And, by "step," I mean I barely touched my foot to the ground while all of my weight was on my left foot and my hands, supported by a walker.

If you haven't followed my CRPS journey, you can read about my first "steps" by clicking here. If you'd like to check out my journey from the very beginning, start here and scroll through the posts from that point forward.

After my first step, my journey to walking on my own was a painful, trying, frustrating, and frightening one. But, I obviously did it, with the help of my physical therapist, my friends and family, and my amazing God.

My right foot about a little under two years ago.

The last two years have held many ups and downs, many good days as well as many bad ones. I've been to three different pain doctors and tried many different combinations of medication.

So, you ask, you're walking now. You seem alright. Why the big push for this Quench the Fire 5k? 

The key word? SEEM. 

Yes, I am walking. Yes, my CRPS was caught early and I was able to begin treatment and therapy right away. Yes, my feet no longer look like the above picture. Yes, overall my CRPS is much better than it was two years ago....

BUT, the disease doesn't go away. It is now in both feet and at times up to my knees. The pain is invisible. The pain is still real. #thestruggleisreal

I have more good days than bad days lately; but, in the last month, I had about two weeks where I could hardly keep even sandals on my feet (I can't even imagine putting on shoes yet). If I'm up too much or my feet are in direct sunlight or in too much humidity, they will literally feel like they are on fire (hence the name of the run--Quench the Fire). Occasionally my whole body will sweat, I'll feel nauseous, and get incredibly dizzy (it's just a nervous system thing).

And the scariest thing? My CRPS was caught and treated early! SO many people have it SO MUCH WORSE.

So, I'm not only doing this 5K for myself. I'm doing it for all of the invisible CRPS sufferers. We need to find better treatment for this debilitating disease. We need to FIND A CURE! 

If you have a few minutes, please check out this AWESOME informational video on CRPS:

I don't know what my future will look like. I don't know what my CRPS will do. It could go into "remission" and my symptoms will cease (at least for a time), or it could flare up in other parts of my body and become much worse.

That's why I want to Quench the Fire. That's why I'll continue to advocate for the USC Pain Center, research, and this 5K.

Will you join me?!


To join our 5k team, go to and select CRPS Crushers as your team!

If you can't join us for the race, you can donate at My goal is to raise $500 to support the USC Pain Center in their CRPS research. 

Thanks so much for joining me in fighting this invisible disease! 

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