Thursday, December 4, 2014

29 is Pretty Fine... far, at least. It has only been two days...

It would be an understatement to say that yesterday (my 29th birthday) was a day to remember.

I woke up to donuts from Ellie and beautiful Tiffany's earrings from Mom. #awesome

When I got to work, I was greeted by a mailbox full of cotton balls. #notatallawesome

At that moment, I thought that was the extent of Jon's "getting me back" for making him wear a UCLA shirt and tutu.... boy was I wrong.

When I opened the door to my classroom, about 2,000 cotton balls covered every possible surface I would need to touch to get through the day. #sonotatallawesome

I'd been played. Well.

In addition to the ridiculous onslaught of cotton balls, a few of my other coworkers had "broken in" to my classroom to decorate it NICELY with lights, banners, balloons, etc. I certainly felt loved by them! #completelyawesome

Throughout the day, some of my kiddos brought me posters, SBUX cards, and other fun little gifts. 

After work, when I went to home school, I was given an amazing lemon cake, card, and balloon. Seriously?! So sweet! #theawesomecontinues

I thought I was getting ridiculously spoiled...

I had no idea.

I knew my birthday dinner was planned for Tahoe Joe's with the Georges and Gruebers--it is tradition, of course. I had an inkling that Mama might have invited a few others to dinner, but again, I had no idea.

As we drove past the Marketplace, I knew something was up, but I had NO IDEA what was awaiting me as we sauntered into the Chef's Choice Noodle Bar downtown--a huge surprise! #ridiculouslyawesome

Not only were there TWO HUGE tables filled with amazing people whom I love, but my dear Auntie and Uncle were sitting there smiling back at me--all the way from Rancho. I was in SHOCK!

How awesome is that?!? I seriously felt (feel) so loved!

Since everyone teases me about my ridiculously awesome selfie-taking skills, I just HAD to go around the tables and take selfies with everyone. Check them out!

To say I was overwhelmed would be another understatement. Never in my life have I had this many people in one place to celebrate me. I am so incredibly grateful to each and every person that came, and I am even more grateful to God for placing such amazing people in my life.

Thanks, Mama, for a birthday to remember. I loved every bit of it!

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