Saturday, February 8, 2014

My SLO Day.

It's been far too long since I've been to SLO, and I really wanted a chance to see Bailey again (she was on my Romania team last summer), so I thought I'd head over for the day today.

My day began (far too) early for a Saturday, but after the initial hatred of my alarm clock, I got up and going. I knew it would be worth it.

I headed out of town with my green smoothie in hand (more on that in a later post) and a book on tape playing. I must say, unless you're trying to stay awake, a book on tape is an excellent way to pass the time. Today I chose When Helping Hurts by Brian Fikkert. Check it out here on Amazon. I'm only a couple hours into it, but I really like it so far.

I got to SLO without issue and headed over to Aimee's house (an added bonus after I texted her yesterday to see if she was free). I loved seeing her adorable house. It brought back quite a few college apartment and roommate memories.

We headed over to a new, super cute coffee/tea shop in downtown SLO (Scout) where we ran into Jen Stangland. I seriously love unexpected meetings like that. It just warmed my heart. It was so good to sit down and catch up with Aimee and hear a bit about Jen's life as well--not to mention, my sparking tea was AWESOME.

After a while, we headed over to Poly to pick up Bailey--again, SO good to see her. We headed to none other than FIRESTONE (complete with a basket of fries) for lunch. How can you not, right? Delicious!

After lunch, we wandered around downtown and ate some TeaBerry Yogurt--umm YUM! Since I was wearing my LB sweatshirt, and since I didn't have a Cal Poly sweatshirt (even though Brother went there), I decided it was time to make a purchase. I pretty much fell like deep like with a beautiful green sweatshirt (and Aimee just happened to have a coupon--score!). Needless to say, I put it on immediately. I felt like I fit in a fit better.

Like it? I hope more than you like Bubblegum Alley! As iconic as it is, it really is DISGUSTING! Poor Bailey was a bit worried about her hair (understandably). 

Love these girls!

Aimee hung out for a bit longer before heading back home to study. Bailey and I continued to hang out downtown (as it began to rain a bit more). We found an AWESOME used book store, and I had to restrain from buying a few awesome books. 

Bailey, isn't it a pain growing up?? :)

As we were wandering through the record store, I get a text from Kurt asking if I was in SLO. And guess what? He came to hang out for a bit. So fun! My heart was happy with all of these friends around all day. 

As the rain got progressively stronger, and I began to whine a bit more about my hair turning curly (to which Bailey just glared at me), we decided to head back to Bailey's dorm. 

See that? It was a starting to spiral curl in the front while the rest under the hood stayed straight. Add some frizz to that and you have a great look--not!

We arrived at her red brick, and let me tell you, the crazy memories came FLOODING back. It looked JUST LIKE MY DORM! I was thrown back (cough cough) almost ten years. WHAT? She lives on the 3rd floor, in the very first room--same as I did. Weird! 

Aaaand, know what's weirder!?! I met the older sister of one of my students! No joke. She's friends with Bailey and lives in the same dorm. We live in a seriously small world, folks. 

I hung out for a bit before heading back home. No book on tape this time--Old School Jams playlist all the way. Talk about memories! 

Although it's a lot of driving, and my feet weren't super happy with me the whole time, it was all worth it. God not only blessed me with seeing Aimee and Bailey, but with a few unexpected surprises as well. Love that! I can't wait to go back!

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