Friday, February 28, 2014

Things I'd Like to Tell My Junior Highers Part 5

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5. The choices you make now can (and will) affect your future.

You think Junior High isn’t that big of deal. You think your teachers and classes are dumb. You think a little white lie here and there isn’t an issue. You think your parents and teachers just don’t get it. You think that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the most important thing in the world.

I’m sorry (notsorry) to say that your frontal lobes aren’t quite developed, and you don’t always think straight or make the best decisions. #shocker

Stop for a minute (or 1,000 minutes) and think about your future…

Do you want to tell your future employer that you couldn’t pass a JUNIOR HIGH CLASS? Really?

Do you want to tell your own kids one day that you got in fights and partied and tried alcohol and drugs in junior high? Have you ever thought about what kind of example you’re going to set for your own kids one day?

Do you think your parents and teachers are just out to get you, or have you thought that maybe they truly care about your well-being?

Do you want to tell your future spouse one day that you gave yourself (or part of yourself ifthat’sevenpossible) away in JUNIOR HIGH?! My heart breaks imaging that conversation for you…

You have one heart, one mind, one body—what are you doing with it?

Don’t give yourself away.

Imagine this scenario with me for one moment:

Person A and Person B grew up in relatively the same way—same morals, same values, same schools, same church (you get the picture). 

Person A, being one that watched and observed others and learned from others’ mistakes, decided not to go to parties, date around, dabble with alcohol, or give herself away.

Person B dated here and there throughout junior high and high school, and made one simple mistake one night by giving herself away to a boy. Because of that one choice, that one mistake, Person B’s self esteem was shot. She felt poorly about herself and her choices, so she looked to other things to fill her up, namely boys—more specifically, boys that would continue to take and take from her and never fulfill her in the long run.

(Disclaimer: Person A and Person B do not represent two specific people. I know (at least) a few people who would fit into either category.)

Again, the choices you make now can (and will) affect your future.

Whether you’re a boy or a girl, which person do you want to be today AND in the future?

Decide now.

If you have something to work toward and live for, it will be far easier to make wise choices and stand up for what you believe in.

Please know, if you do slip up, or have slipped up, please don’t think that it’s all over for you. You can ALWAYS start fresh tomorrow. You can always take the right path each morning you wake up.

Stop and think. Make wise choices! 

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