Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Highlight Reel #4

We'll be wrapping these reels up before too long, but for now, enjoy highlight reel #4, brought to you from days 7-9 of our adventure!

Day 7: This day began (and continued) with a six hour bus/walking tour. We saw everything! I'd highly recommend the free walking tours and almost free bus tour to anyone in or traveling to NY! Click here for more information (if you click on the bus tour link, you'll even see our picture)! Our day was completed with our first Broadway show--Sister Act! We LOVED it!

 Central Park

 Washington Square

In Brooklyn, with the skyline behind us 

 A memorial at Trinity Church right by Ground Zero

Sister Act!

Day 8: This day began with brunch with Graham in Greenwich Villiage (so fun!), continued with seeing ONCE (the best show ever!), and was completed with Cannoli (my favorite!). 

 Don't we look snazzy? 

 This is Steve. He won the Tony for best actor. He's taking a picture of us with MY PHONE! It was awesome. ;)

Cannoli is my favorite in the history of ever. 

Day 9: This day started EARLY with a trek to the Today show (we got some mighty good air time), continued with a tour of the NBC Studios where I played weather girl again (we have the video if anyone cares to watch it), and ended with NEWSIES (love the dancing!)! 

 Yup, we're ridiculous. 

 Here I am with Savannah. So cool!

This is in the NBC Studios. Love!


I hope you enjoyed these highlights. Stay tuned for the last highlight reel tomorrow!

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