Saturday, July 21, 2012

Aaaaaand I'm BACK! Highlight Reel #1

Did ya miss me? Didya didya didya? Ok, I'm done. ;)

I was finally able to upload all of my trip pictures onto my computer (after deleting 5,894,285ish of them).

I have decided not to bore you with all 8,953,294 pictures from my trip, but rather break it down into 6ish HIGHLIGHT reels. Great idea, huh?

Soooo, let's BEGIN! Here are the highlights from the first two days of our EAST COAST ADVENTURE!

Washington D.C.:

Day 1: We started the day off with a Segway tour of the city! We got to see a ton and it was super fun.

Here we are in front of the Capitol!

 Yah, that's the White House!

And we won't talk about the end of the Segway tour where my vision starting going black and Ialmostpassedout. Did I mention that I HATE humidity? Thank the Lord for the air conditioning in the Smithsonian Museum of American History! 

A couple of my favorite things:

 The first ladies' dresses. This was Nancy Reagan's. 

 Abe Lincoln's top hat! For real!

Dorothy's ruby slippers!

Day 2: We started the day off with a tour of the PENTAGON. It was AWESOME. We couldn't take pictures inside of course, but we have one from the lobby. We followed that up with a trip to Arlington National Cemetery, Georgetown, and one of the malls to eat some INCREDIBLE sushi!



 We got to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

 We also got to watch a couple of girls change out the wreath at the tomb.

 Georgetown cupcakes!!!!! YUMMMM!

 They really were worth the trip!

 Coolest sushi place ever! The rolls come around on a conveyer belt and you just choose the ones you want. The pricing is based on the color plate the roll comes on. :) Genius.

That wraps up Highlight Reel #1 from days 1-2.

What should you look forward to in the next highlight reel? Oh just the White House, the National Zoo, more cupcakes, the Capitol, meeting our congressman, more cupcakes, air and space stuff...and much much more!

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