Tuesday, September 6, 2011

HELLOOOO.... (the new car needs a name!)

INTRODUCING....... !!!!

Ok folks, my new car needs a name. Take a look at the pictures and submit your vote by leaving a comment. The name that I like the most will win....because it's my car of course.

Let's meet nameless car:

 She's a BEAUTY!

 Perfect cell phone cubbie!

 No more noisy tape deck adapter!!!

 She has the same color headlights! (unlike the last car)

 CHECK IT OUT! A CHAPSTICK cubbie. This car was so made for me. 

I can sit up high!!! 

 Awesome console with two compartments!

 OH "    " handles!

 Look at all that room!!

And finally, a gas cap that opens on its own--unlike the Camry who took two people to open it for a time . :)

That's about all, folks! READY......NAME.....GO!!!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This utterly depends on whether you feel the car is a male or a female or genderless (I personally feel it is a girl). Since this is your first "big girl" purchase, I thought he/she deserved a "big girl" name. Here are a few of my favorites from the 20s:

Mildred, Marjorie, Gladys, Thelma, Pearl

Now, since the car is Japanese, you can always give it a Japanese name. "Big girl" in Japanese is "kyo shoujo."

I'm procrastinating. Can you tell?

Much love,
An anonymous commenter who shall remain nameless because she's using her school computer on the first week of her new job in England