Monday, September 5, 2011

Goodbye Ole Faithful!

Well, I finally made my first "big girl" purchase--a new (used) car. It's currently being detailed, so I'll pick it up tomorrow.

For now, I'd like to dedicate this post to my Ole Faithful.

Thanks Ole Faithful--you've served me well. Throughout the years, this dear car has gone through a few names--BUMmobile, BUD, and finally Ole Faithful. It's still truckin', but it was time for me to move on.

Here are some things I'll miss about my dear old car....

 It's solid--even though it has two different front lights (thanks lady who hit me in LB).

 The "characteristic" door handle that Jessie so easily ripped to shreds. :)

 The console that was slowly tearing itself apart in the heat. 

 My beloved sticker that got me out of a speeding ticket once. 

The fact that it refused to die. 

Here's to hoping that someone else will get some good use out of this BUMBUDOLDFAITHFUL Mobile. 

We've had some amazing memories in this rig. Come on friends, what was your favorite memory? Please leave a comment below!!!


Schelly Thompson said...

.................that I bought it in 1998!

Jessica Palmer said...

Besides the time that I so easily ripped the handle off, there was that time that Holly's dad saved our lives when your right rear tire tore. Good thing I was sitting in the back.

Anonymous said...

Idont think I had anything to do with it, and now that i thnk about it, it may have been your old car. I love the time someone put cotton balls under your door handles so you couldn't get into your car. Heheh. I know, it's really mean but I can't help but laugh. *sheepish grin*