Saturday, July 13, 2013

How to Throw an Express Party 101

Welcome to your step by step instruction guide to throwing a successful Express Party!

Here are your steps. Following them closely (or not...)

1. Choose your time, location, and guests.

2. Invite your guests.

3. Decide on a theme (you may or may not tell your guests prior to their arrival).

4. On the day of the party, welcome your guests warmly into your home (or wherever the party is being held).

5. Based on the theme of the party, write "jobs" (buying gifts, getting food, gathering party supplies, etc.) on slips of paper and place them into a hat or bowl.

6. Decide on a timeframe for going out and buying gifts or party supplies--no more than an hour usually.

7. Synchronize watches and disperse.

8. Gather back at your designated location, decorate, eat, open gifts, etc., and get your party on!

Some ideas for EXPRESS PARTIES may include, but are not limited to: Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween, Back-to-School, Bridal, Going-Away, etc. 

Recently I threw (and participated in) my first Express Party. Mom and I threw a Surprise Express Going Away party for Lauren. All of our guests knew the theme prior to the party except for Lauren (who thought she was just coming over for dinner). Our guests gathered at our house, drew their "jobs" out of a bowl (food, dessert, decorations, and gifts) and dispersed (without anyone knowing each other's jobs!). It's quite thrilling to have to think on your feet, go out and get what is required of you, and be back in an hour. Surprisingly, everyone did a FABULOUS job! We had salad and sandwiches for dinner and chocolate cake and tiramisu for dessert. The Feils provided us with some amazing decorations--streamers, light-up balloons, confetti, a bright table cloth that said "Georgia is getting another peach," and peaches and peanuts. They had a blast decorating as quickly as possible. As far as gifts go, Lauren received a CD, Dewars chews, Sbux gift cards, wine, a road atlas, and some notecards.  We then participated in a few hilarious rounds of Heads Up. Overall, it was an absolute blast! I'd say that our first Express party was quite a success.

We can't wait to "not plan" our next one!

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