Tuesday, March 5, 2013

March, March, Marchin' Along...

Oh, hey there, March! Where'd you come from?


Out. Of. Nowhere. 

This year certainly has flown by already...and the forever anticipated March is finally upon us.

What has gone on thus far this month? 

I had to say a sad farewell to my beloved red placard--apparently I'm healed now (not!).

I was able to go back to the Stockdale theater--my second home as a high schooler--to see the Spring play. I especially enjoyed sitting in "my" seat. Check that date out--really?--has that chair really been there for 13 years??

These nasty-@$$ trees are KILLING my allergies--not to mention that they smell like butt. I seriously want to find whoever planted them at my school and punch him/her in the face. True story.

Today is Polly's BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, Almost-Sister-In-Law! LOVE YOU! 

Now, what is there to look forward to for the rest of the month??

1. Oh, you know, Scotty and Polly are getting married THIS SATURDAY! WHAT?!? (Click here to read their engagement story.) And, of course, all the wedding festivities prior to Saturday will be pretty darn awesome. 

Here they are with their flower girl, Emma!

2. The Improvised Shakespeare Company (from Chicago) is coming to do a show at Stockdale! It's going to be AWESOME. Check out the flyer, and go to the show! You'll love it. 

3. Next week I'm headed down to USC to see the CRPS specialist dude. Let's hope I'll get some answers--or at least a good doctor to follow my case. 

4. Toward the end of the month, we're having another family get together before my dad leaves to go back to Hungary. I think my family is pretty awesome. 

5. SPRING BREAK!!!! Not only that, but I'm pretty sure I'm heading to LONG BEACH for part of it! I can't wait for some baby and good friend lovin'!!!! 

What are you all looking forward to this month???

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