Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wedding Weekend Highlights!

Brother and SIL's wedding weekend was definitely one to remember! We got to stay at a beautiful hotel, eat lots of delicious food, wander around South Coast Plaza and the surrounding area, and spend lots of time with family and friends. Can life get any better? I submit that it cannot! ;)

Some special moments that I enjoyed were the family dinners we shared, going with Brother to get his tux the day before the wedding, walking to breakfast with Brother and some family the day of the wedding, random dance parties with the girls while getting ready for the wedding, Caitlin singing "Two is Better Than One" during the ceremony (and pretty much everyone breaking into tears), and brunch with all of our family and some friends the day after the wedding.

Oh! And gaining a sister-in-law....that was also a huge highlight. :)

Since the wedding happened in 2013, I thought I'd pick my top 13 favorite pictures to share with you.

1. Here are the girls at the rehearsal. We didn't see each other before or discuss what we were wearing--the black and blue (same shade, even!) just happened. We found it quite amusing. :)

2. Emma, the flower girl (and our cousin), was quite adorable. This was the sign on the wagon she pulled out of the ceremony. The sign on the way in said "Here Comes the Bride."

3. The rehearsal dinner, at Magianno's, was DELICIOUS! Here are Polly and Scotty holding an S & P that our uncle carved for them! He also carved an "E" for one of the center pieces at another table. He's quite talented, and his handmade gifts are always very special to us.

4. I just love this picture. How could you not?? She's gorgeous.

5. Here we are shortly after getting ready up in the bridal suite. We were having a little too much fun. :)  

6. I just really like this picture of the two of us. He's pretty darn handsome.

7. This is Polly and Scott's brother-in-law, Jason, walking around with his little girl, Natalie. I'm not sure he realized that he was "walking her down the aisle" at the time. I'm so glad I happened to snap this picture. It's so precious, and I know they'll love to look back on it one day. 

8. Here are Scott and Polly with their niece and nephew. I like the look of them with kids. Now that they're married, they should get started on a few of their own! ;)

9. Yah, she's just so purdy. This was right after she got ready and right before their first look.

10. Here are Natalie and Blake (being pulled by Emma in a wagon). They pretty much stole the show (until Polly walked out, of course). There were a few times during the ceremony that I got a bit choked up. Each time, I'd just look over at the babies to keep myself from crying. :)

11. My twinsie uncles. I love that they look so much alike in this picture. I couldn't tell them apart for many years of my life, so I just referred to them as "Uncle B."Now, of course, I can tell them apart...but can you?

12. Here we are out on the dance floor having a ball!

13. Confession: this picture was taken BEFORE the reception. I was so tired after the ceremony and during the cocktail hour that I just sat down on the floor for a while. Emma decided to join me, and it made for quite the Kodak moment.

Well, there you have it! If you'd like to look at more pictures (a couple hundred), go visit my Facebook page. Enjoy!

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Polly Erickson said...

Amy. I love this post! Thank you for capturing this special day so well. You are amazing! I am very blessed to have you as a sister-in-law. I love you!!