Sunday, February 17, 2013

WOW Walmart 2.0

Who needs amusements parks, beaches, fancy restaurants, and a night life when you have Tahoe Joes, Target, Dewars, and Walmart?

Not me. In my words during our adventures this evening, "I loooove Bakersfiiiiiield!"

Christy and I are quite skilled at making our own adventures. Remember this one from a little over a year ago??? Quite a gem, I must say.

So, we decided to reenact it--or create a Walmart 2.0--if you will. Enjoy. :)

Is it a candle or a dessert??

 Sad? Eat some fruit SMILES!

 Candle? Dessert? Weapon??

 There's a candle to use while praying to win the lottery? SERIOUSLY?!?

 True story.

 True story.

 Don't mess with the moo moo.

 Future home? One can pray...

 Hello there kitty. 

 Good book, Chrissy?

 You better watch out, Bryan!

I've got mad ninja skills.

Doubt it. 

Stay tuned for Walmart 3.0 next year!

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