Monday, October 22, 2012

The New Normal.

One day last week as I was walking through the office, I distinctly remember thinking—I almost feel normal again. I honestly surprised myself.

What exactly is normal? The way I was before surgery? Before CRPS?

It can’t be…because I’m definitely not there. I had to really stop and think about it for a few days.

I do feel like I’m starting to get my life back again. Hallelujah!  I’m able to walk so much more. I can drive some. I have more freedom.

But, I’m not back to normal as I used to know it.

I suppose I’m just beginning to embrace my new normal.

My new normal is living life with CRPS (at least for now). I praise God that it’s not nearly as debilitating as it once was, but it’s still a large part of my life.  I’m learning how to adjust and accommodate. I’m learning how to read my body—what to do and what not to do. This is becoming my normal.  

I can’t just sit around and wait for it to go away. I can’t put my life on hold because of it. I have to learn to live with it until God decides to take it from me—if He decides to take it from me.

If I’m healed, to God be the glory. If I’m not, to God be the glory.

I know God is sovereign and good—even amongst diseases and disorders, sicknesses and syndromes.

So, with God’s grace and strength, I’ll try to embrace my new normal. I know it won’t always be easy. I know I’ll still have bad days and good ones—bad hours and good ones for that matter—but such is life, right?

So whether it be normal or new normal or not normal, I’ll live it—ever more grateful for the small victories along the way. 

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