Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It’s difficult to notice and appreciate progress when it’s slow and in your face.

Take a kid for example. They grow like weeds, but someone that sees that kid everyday may not notice the subtle changes. On the other hand, an aunt or uncle or grandparent who hasn’t seen the kid in a few months is often surprised by how much the child has grown and changed.

Or what about hair? We can’t see or don’t notice our hair growing, but someone who hasn’t seen us in a while may comment about how long it has gotten or how it has changed.

It often seems more difficult to see things right in front of our faces, doesn’t it?


Confession: Over the last couple of weeks, more often than not, I’ve gotten frustrated rather than encouraged every time someone has commented on how well I’m doing.

I smile and agree and go on my way… But, on the inside, I’m protesting—sure I’m walking better, sure it looks like everything is great, but my foot still turns wacky colors, it still doesn’t have normal feeling, it still makes me hot and sick, wah wah wah!

Ok, Amy, slow down and think about this for a minute.

Yes, those symptoms are still present, but Rome wasn’t built in a day, was it?

I made myself scrol back through the pictures on my phone. Honestly, I was surprisedand it’s my foot! The thing is attached to me!

This is what my foot looked like shortly after I got my cast off:

And this is what it looks like these days... the morning when it's a bit upset...

 ...and at night when it's mad.

But, here is what it normally looks like during the day:

Almost like a real foot!

Like I said before, it’s difficult to notice progress when it’s right in front of your face.

I was so focused on the symptoms with which I still struggle that I couldn’t see the progress that I have made.

How could I forget? Just look at that nasty thing!

My little foot may still turn into a plum on occasion, but it certainly doesn’t look like a deformed eggplant anymore.

And when will these symptoms go away? –a question I ask myself far too often.

Who knows. They may not. But, I remember a point where I honestly couldn’t fathom walking again—and look at me now.

God has brought me this far. He has walked with me and for me. He has been healing me and strengthening me.

Who am I to doubt that He’ll continue?

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-STEPHANIE said...

I've been following your story Amy and I can definitely see the progress! He will continue to bring you through this. He always does, and I think you've had an extremely good attitude all things considered. I'll keep you in my prayers.