Sunday, October 28, 2012

Red Ribbon Week

Last week we celebrated Red Ribbon Week at school. I dressed up every day--because it's awesome. Monday was lame (Hawaiian day), so I have no pictures to share, but enjoy the rest of the ridiculousness!

Tuesday: RED day. I made a bleach pen red t-shirt with anti-drug slogans on it (stay off the grass being my favorite). I wore a red tutu, red glittery leggings, red rainbow sandals, and red toe-nail polish. My class even won the spirit award that day. :)

Wednesday: PJ day. BEST EVER! Who wouldn't like wearing their pjs to school?!?

 I had quite a few girls wear footy pajamas that day. 

Thursday: Super Hero day. I just wore a Captain America t-shirt (not very exciting), but Bella looked AWESOME! She's the bestest super hero doggy ever! 

Friday: Neon/80s day. Jess (my physical therapist) helped me make this AMAZING neon tutu. I wore a neon green shirt, neon orange running shorts, the tutu, neon hair clips, and neon toenail polish. I looked like a hot mess of neon (but the kids sure loved it).

 Others were quite jealous of the tutu. :) 

Oh! And Kevin McCarthy came to speak to our students on Friday. And yes, I kept the neon outfit (and tutu) on--even when I went up to shake his hand. :)

And now back to the professional teacher look. Booooring! ;) 

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