Friday, August 24, 2012

Quite Like, Rather Dislike: Back to School Edition

Quite Like:

* Seeing my cutie pies from last year--they love to run in and say "hi" during passing period or lunch. 

* Being with some of the greatest coworkers on the face of the planet! 

* 8th grade!!! I work with the most amazing women. I dearly love and respect each one of them!

* Bella! (our dog--yes, she's "ours" Trudy, not just yours!) :) 

* My new nickname-- Scooter--I wonder why?

* Getting to know some new "darlings" (I have a kid who thinks he's a vampire. No joke.)

* Looking out into my classroom and seeing some familiar faces. 

Rather Dislike: 

* My cast.

* My scooter.

* Not being able to easily hop up and grab something from across the room.

* Waking up early.

* Bringing grading home. Lamesauce.

* Not being able to drive and get places when and where I want (but Sauni and Mom have been amazing drivers!)

* Having to make my lunch and figure out what to wear (well, Mom's been helping--thanks!)

* Looking out into my classroom and seeing some familiar faces. :) 

I'm sure there will be many more stories to come!

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