Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"How To" Tutorial

This is a tutorial to walk you through the ways to pass the time while stuck in a cast on hot summer days:

1. Help your mother with her school projects.

2. Watch ALL of the Olympics (if you're fortunate enough to be in cast during such a time).

3. Play some iPhone games (such as Words with Friends and FLOW).

4. Make an AWESOMELY cute seat crate to rest your cast on when you have to go back to work. 

5. Fix up your scooter: Add stuffing so that your knee can stop killing you as you roll around, and add some fabric to the top so you don't keep sweating all over the place in the hot summer weather. 

6. Read A LOT on your awesome Kindle Fire!

7. Watch some (or all of) Downton Abbey for free (if you have Amazon Prime)! Love!

8. Build up your endurance by doing laps around Target (simply because it's far too hot to do such rehab outdoors). 

9. Doodle on your cast--it'll bring you much joy. 

10. Entertain visitors! 

(A picture of your visitors goes here!)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you have any additional steps you'd like to suggest, please comment below!

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