Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Relay for Life (...and I'm on TV again!)

If you've never been a part of a Relay for Life event, I'd highly recommend it. Not only does it raise money for a great and worthy cause, it is loads of laughs and fun.

The cardboard car race is one of those events filled with laughs (and ridiculousness). I remember watching the races last year, and I admiringly walked by the cars this year, but I never dreamed I'd actually be a participant in said race.

Eyewitness News (our favorite news station that I've written about here and here) built a Tow-mater car (clearly the coolest one out there), but had no one to "drive" it because Aaron Perlman (the weatherman) was emceeing the event. He asked me if I'd be willing, and I thought "what the heck? why not?"

I grabbed my friend Hannah (so grateful she was around), and we suited up.

First of all, we barely fit in the car. Second of all, we were both wearing flip flops. Third of all, we were competing against people who could actually run quickly.

So, needless to say, we didn't win.

However, we did have a blast, and we certainly looked good doing it!

Here's a video of the race. Yup, we're the ones in the back. It's a cell phone video, so it's not the best quality, but this tid-bit was on the news--high def. and all (joy!)...

And if you haven't had enough, be sure to tune in to Eyewitness News Fox 58 tomorrow morning between 7:00 - 7:30ish to watch the HUMPDAY dance! I'm pretty sure I'll be making an appearance with Tow-mater!

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