Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Quite Like, Rather Dislike, Round 2

If you'd like to glance back at Quite Like, Rather Dislike Round 1 click here! For Round 2, keep reading!

Quite Like: 

The Shadow Children series--I read another book (Running Out of Time) by this author when I was in junior high, and I liked it so much that some of my students are reading it now in their literature circles. Because I thought so highly of that book, I decided to read a few of her others. This series is comprised of seven books--I read three of them last weekend. I'm on the final book now, and I've quite enjoyed the entire series.

Neutrogena Clear Face Sunblock--for those of us with oil rigs on our faces, this sunblock is a winner! I HATE putting sunblock (or much of anything) on my face because it does get quite oily throughout the day, but this little gem truly kept my face from becoming an oil slick, AND it protected me from all of those harmful rays. Win win, I'd say.

House Hunters International--it's my new favorite show. I have a bunch saved on the DVR. I love being able to see houses around the world and hear people's stories about why they are moving all around the world. Delightful.

Rather Dislike: 

Political Ads--I seriously can't stand them (commercials, signs, junk mail, phone calls, etc.). They make me want to do just the opposite of what they tell me to do just to spite them. Anyone with me?

My head--it hurts every day, and I'm pretty darn tired of it (and of trying to figure out the cause of the pain). Perhaps it's just going to be the thorn in my flesh. Perhaps God is working in my life through it (ok, I know he is), but I'm not a fan of the pain, just sayin'...

Being pulled in two VERY different directions--in just sixteen days, I will both check out of my classroom and leave for Romania. Don't get me wrong, I am SO EXCITED about both of these things; however, it's such a strange feeling to be pulled in two very different directions. I feel like part of me is finishing out my year, getting ready to say goodbye to my kids, getting my room in order, and getting excited for the summer, while a completely different part of me is reading a book to ready my heart for Romania, trying to get the rest of my financial support, creating packing lists, and gathering what I need to take with me to serve in another country. Really? Is that even possible? I'm not sure I've ever felt so separated like this before. Thoughts? Advice? Thanks.

There you have it. Stay tuned for Round 3 in the (near or far or who knows when) future. :) 

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