Sunday, December 4, 2011

Elephants and Helicopters.

For my birthday, I told my mom and brother that I wanted an elephant and a helicopter. Why, you may ask? Well, I couldn't really think of anything I wanted, and I really like elephants and helicopters....

Who knew that on my birthday, these wishes would actually come true. :)

I opened my gift from my mother at breakfast, and I found a "grow your own" elephant and a certificate to actually FLY A HELICOPTER!!! This was my reaction...

I believe my face turned beat red and tears fell from my eyes--I was THAT excited!! (I still am!).

SIDE-NOTE (while we're on the topic of presents): I also got a stuffed sushi later in the day. I received some really neat gifts as well, but this picture just had to make it to the blog.

Thanks Jensens! 

And because I wanted to see real elephants, we headed to the LA Zoo after breakfast with some family and friends. Here are some highlights: 

 Beautiful Koala! One of them was carrying a baby on her tummy--amazing--too bad I couldn't catch a picture of it. 

 Dude in front: Whatchu lookin' at?
Dude in back: I don't like time-out. 

 LAZY zebra

 Silly giraffes 


 Erin! (Christy and Carrie and Shelly and Lauren also came, but we failed on the picture front)

 Family with the elephants

 So pretty!

 YEAH! The elephants! ...and not just any elephant, a DANCING elephant (see video below) 

 Yup, my trunk gets heavy sometimes...

This little big guy danced the entire time we watched him. It was hilarious!

And what birthday would be complete without an amazing dinner...

YUMMY dinner at C&Os!

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