Monday, December 5, 2011


Confession: I really like birthdays--everyone else's included. I know it's not as big of a deal to some people, but we've always made birthdays special in my family, so I'm a big fan. "Big fan" (in a Brick whisper voice).

Facebook has semi-revolutionized birthday greetings. Now everyone is aware of your birthday, so they can offer appropriate wishes. I really do appreciate all of those friends and family members of mine who took a moment to wish me a happy birthday on FB, through a text, or over the phone.

I decided to pick out the top SIX (since I just turned 26) birthday greetings I received on Facebook to share with you all here. Beginning from number six:

6: Another year, youngster! - David Putnam 

Thanks, David. While my brother was teasing me all day about getting too close to 30, I get called youngster. I needed that affirmation while I spent my day at the zoo. 

5. Well well well....It is an absolutely beautiful day today. You know why? Because a BEAUTIFUL PERSON's BIRTHDAY is today!!!!! WOHOOOOO!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my love!!!! :) I hope your day is spectacular!!!! You deserve nothing but smiles, laughter and killer dance moves! Celebrate!!!!! -Kasey Kelly

Kasey, just thinking about you puts a smile on my face. Thanks! :) 

4. Happy Birthday FC!! I hope your day is amazing and that this year would be your best one yet :) I hope Bakersfield knows what it has with you as a resident!!! -Jeff Taylor

Thanks, FC!...and thanks for not making a crack on Bakersfield for once in your life. :) 

3. What is this?? You having a birthday?? I didn't even check my calendar yesterday or today cuz I knew it was the weekend! hahah Imagine!! Happy Birthday, you gorgeous, sweet young lady!!! Sounds like your birthday WEEKEND has been wonderful!! Flying a helicopter and the lions, tigers and bears all in one weekend?? You are so special...guess you get to do all of that ! Love you!! -Mrs. G

I just love you, Mrs. G! I could hear your voice and see your beautiful face as I read this. 

2. Happy Birthday to you dear Amy Happy Birthday to you!!!!!! And many more!!!!! Love ya sweet girl, Ron and I wish you a blessed year!!!!!! Maybe this is the year of you know!!!!LOL - Debbie Jonas

Talk about laugh out loud. That last sentence is classic! Let's hope so, Debbie!


1. Happy, happy birthday Amy!!! I just picked up my phone to call you, and I don't have your dang number! How stupid is that?! So this is my phone call... "Hey Amy! It's me, just calling to wish you a happy birthday all the way from England. You're such a wonderful friend and blessing in my life. I hope everyone is spoiling you like crazy today, because you deserve it. Let's Skype soon, k? Ok... gotta go. Love you! Bye!" -Nicole Parker

Winner by far. It would have been an even greater win if I'd have gotten to hear your voice, Nicole, but now I get to keep this in writing forever and always. Thanks! 

I love you all! Thanks for all the birthdayLOVE! 

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