Tuesday, October 18, 2011

You Beat Me by One, Kid!

Last weekend, I had the JOY of meeting (and snuggling) the newest addition to our family--Noah. It was incredible to hold this little guy in my arms and marvel at the miracle of new babies. He's the 9th grandchild of his grandparents (my aunt and uncle)--he's the sweet baby, the youngest. I was the 8th grandchild--the youngest--he beat me by one, but we still have the baby thing in common.

In honor of my dear first cousins once removed (yes, that's technically the correct term--I lost an argument over it once), I'd like to dedicate this post to all of them. To see a picture of them, visit my "Cousins" album on Facebook if you're my friend. If not, just picture their adorable faces.

Going in order from oldest to youngest, they are:

Carter-- the leader, with a strong spirit and a gentle heart.

Joshua-- the curious and clever one, a "voracious" reader (in his own words).

Emma-- the spitfire, full of love and compassion.

Bobby-- the imaginative dreamer who knows no limits.

Micah-- the determined one. If he sets his mind on something, it will happen.

Matthew--my mini-me, the first baby I ever felt kick. He's a daring one who knows no fear.

Nathan-- the heart melter who marches to his own drum (literally) and will melt your heart while doing it

Grace-- our baby girl, pretty in pink, quite a welcome addition to our family of all (but one) boy.

Noah-- the sweet baby boy, quiet and content, a snuggler.

There you have it. I thank God for these babies (who have grown up far too quickly). Being the baby myself, I never got to have babies around during family get togethers--that makes this time of my life so much sweeter. I pray that they will grow up strong in the Lord, loving Him and others before themselves. I am so excited to see the work He's doing and will continue to do in their lives. I love you my dear cousins!

Oh, and thanks to my first cousins for bringing these sweet children into our family. :) I love you all as well!

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Christen said...

And we love you cousin Amy...and the time, love, and prayer you've invested in our kids' lives!