Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Weekend...In Pictures

This weekend has been awesome (every weekend should be like that according to Mrs. G., and I'd have to agree). I thought I'd share it with you all through some  (a lot of?) photos....

Friday began with the birth of my nephew (my step-sister's son) Logan! Welcome to the world, Buddy!

After work, we tried out Buffalo Wild Wings. Our staff didn't have a great showing, but it's the quality not the quantity, right? I did get to hang out with my old junior high PE teacher from Tevis. When he realized I was in his class, he told me he hated me. We had a grand ole time...

Friday evening was sushi and Target--always a delightful combination. 

On Saturday, Mom and I headed out to Solvang to celebrate Lauren Jensen's birthday. This was the view for the first part of the trip:

A cotton truck?!? Really?!? Not cool!

When we arrived, we had lunch at a golf course...

...and embarked on some wine tasting adventures.

Of course, I was the DD (or the DVD as I like to call it).

(The water had quite the refreshing flavor!)

The winery was GORGEOUS!

The next winery wasn't beautiful, but it had lots of personality...

We walked around and shopped before dinner. Solvang is OBSESSED with Halloween. Strange. All the stores were participating in a Scarecrow making contest.

The sunset that night was beautiful. Notice the moon?

The evening held many rousing games of Dutch Blitz (appropriate, much?) and a delightful slumber party for six!

This morning we ate an incredible (and filling) breakfast! I could not come to Solvang without a piece of this deliciousness!

(Here is where we enter our food comas)

We had to work off our breakfast by shopping, olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting, and of course, laughing. 

On the way home, we picked up many unwelcome visitors on the windshield, so we had to drive through the car wash before coming home. I chose the best option, and it came with a PICTURE! Check it out!

Amusing, because I really hate Halloween, but hilarious because it's a picture from the car wash. :)

I hope you enjoyed my weekend in pictures. Let's hope that there's many more of these to come!

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