Sunday, October 9, 2011

Observations: Part Three

We are about the embark on the eighth week of school--I can hardly believe it. I haven't shared any observations lately, so let's see what I can come up with (in no particular order):

1. Junior highers' hormones are raging (we all know this, of course, but I had to point it out once again). Amazing (not!) that they seem to care more about each other than learning!

2. Groups failed (for now). The desks are back in rows.

3. Weather has a HUGE effect on kids. Hence the switch back to rows for now.

4. Kids go crazy over being a part of something. My homeroom college is UCLA and the kids adore their t-shirts and the UCLA fight song. They love to sing the fight song and wear their UCLA shirts in their science teacher's class (his college is USC). This makes me smile.

5. "Involved" parents can be more of a challenge than uninvolved parents--I'll leave it at that.

6. Hanging out with co-workers after work on a Friday can do a lot of good (and provide a lot of laughs).

7. Grading essays sucks.

8. I'm grateful that the weather will be cooling down soon--hopefully the kids won't smell as bad.

9. Acne is for junior highers--not their teachers--I think it's their fault I still have traces of it.

10. I drink a lot of water these days and our bathroom is entirely too far away. Four minute passing periods just about do me in on occasion.

11. Dog training tools work well on junior highers--thank you Rick Morris!

12. Consistency is key. This can be a struggle for me at times--perhaps I shall tattoo it on my arm. No? Not a great idea? Ok, I'll write myself a note.

And perhaps the best for last?

13. Apparently I have a nice dairy air according to an impulsive junior high boy. Not a good choice of words, buddy. Junior highers often almost always speak before they think. Imagine that!

I'll just leave you with that. And on I go to begin another week of adventures...

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