Monday, December 30, 2013

This One Time, I Did a 5k!

If you would have asked me this time last year if I'd EVER do a 5k (or any kind of "race") I would have probably laughed in your face. I couldn't imagine ever paying to run (or walk or whatever). And, this time last year I couldn't imagine walking for any significant amount of time. If I only knew!

A few months back, when I was searching for the number to my USC doctor, I came across a banner for the 5k/10k Quench the Fire Walk/Run/Roll on the USC Pain Center website. WHAT?!? A 5k for my syndrome?! Sweet! I was in. I gathered up some friends, registered, and got my walk on.

On December 7th, we tried (though there was a NASTY storm) to head down south to Van Nuys. Much to our dismay, the Grapevine was closed, so we had to drive ALL. THE. WAY. AROUND. It took FOREVER (and by forever I mean about 6 and 1/2 hours!). At least we got to see the ocean…

Sunday, the day of the race, was FREEZING! Well, just about freezing… I believe it was 34 degrees that morning as we headed out to the race. We bundled all up and wandered around the booths before the race began. 

Here we are with some LA Kings dudes!

Here's our team: CRPS Crushers!

Can you guess which one is me? Yes, I had to walk the 5k in flip-flops. The fire feet would certainly not tolerate being covered for 3.1 miles. They warmed up quite well quite quickly!

Check out the race route! It was BEAUTIFUL! 

Manda and me finishing the race! We walked 3.1 miles in under 43 minutes (barely). Not bad. Aaaand, we didn't even come in last! :)

After the race, we wandered around a bit and waited for some raffle drawings. Here is the CRPS quilt that has been all over the country!

MacGyver was the MC of the race! We went to get his autograph afterward and I learned that we have the same doctor! We had a nice little chat about our doc and pain issues. Poor dude couldn't even walk the mile this year. He was impressed that I did the 5k in flip flops. Haha. I told him I'd walk the 5k with him next year. We had a moment. ;)

After wrapping things up at the race and packing things up back at the hotel, we headed home. It was quite a SHORT trip compared to our journey down, AND we had this amazing view for much of the way. No wonder the Grapevine has closed the day before!

I certainly had a blast at the race (and the entire weekend). I can't wait until next year. Perhaps I'll even be able to wear shoes!

Who's in?!?

If you're curious about RSD/CRPS, click here!

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