Monday, May 13, 2013

Yah, I Flew A Helicopter.

A couple of years ago, I rode in a helicopter for the first time. The second it took off, I FELL IN LOVE. No joke. Read about that experience HERE! I was like a giddy little girl getting a pony for Christmas. It was a bit ridiculous. Ever since then, I was dying to take to the skies again.

So, for my birthday (a year and a half ago), my mom gave me a helicopter flight lesson!  WHAT?!? Are you kidding me? I was so excited I cried. 

Why, might you ask, did it take me until now to redeem this amazing gift?.....well, bad weather, Romania, East Coast trip, and psycho foot. 

Now that we have some of that under control, this past weekend it was!

I wasn't the least bit nervous (surprising, actually), but I was really excited. My ground school consisted of a few minutes of "this is this and that is that and do this when this happens....ready?" Uhhh, WHAT?!?! Sure....why not? Let's fly!

Brandon (my instructor) took off (of course), but when we were in clear skies, he gave me the controls. IT. WAS. SO. HARD! Your feet are doing one thing, your left hand is doing something else, your right hand is doing something else, and there's SO much to look at! I was a bit overwhelmed, but it was seriously amazing to think that I was FLYING A FLIPPIN' HELICOPTER! After a while. we headed back to the airport to practice "hovering." Now THAT was difficult! But, Brandon said I did pretty well--I didn't freak him out like some people do. Phew! 

Take a look at me hovering! CRAZY!

This is Brandon, my instructor. 

Here I am with Mama post flight.

This thing is TINY!

LOVED LOVED LOVED this! Now, what shall I do next? I want to ride a horse.

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