Friday, March 30, 2012

UCLA--Ultimate Cancer-Less America

Today marked our annual Warren Jr. High Relay for Life. Of course, this was my first time participating in such an event at school--but it was a first for my kids as well. We didn't know much beyond the fact that we were supposed to be spirited; and, spirit my kiddos can do!

Since our "class college" is UCLA, we decided to incorporate that theme and came up with the saying "Ultimate Cancer-Less America." UCLA's cheer (if you will) is U-C-L-A FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT, so we also incorporated the fight theme.

Cancer is a good thing to fight, right?

Each kiddo made their own sign (cardboard style) that depicted for what he or she was fighting. Some fought in honor of someone. Some fought in memory of someone. Some fought for a cure, for hope, for more birthdays, etc.

This was my sign:

We had large signs in the front of our pack:

We had a banner bringing up the rear of the pack:

And all of the kiddos wore (and some modified) their UCLA shirts:

Here they all are before the big event with all of their individual signs:

And here we are out on the track:

I know it's a bit tough to tell from this picture, but we yelled and danced and cheered the entire time. Many of us lost our voices, but it was well worth it...


Because we won for being the most spirited! Great job, little Bruins. Mama bear is so proud! :)

But, what's even greater than that? Our school raised over $4,000 for the American Cancer Society, and these kids got to experience what it's like to fight for a cause.


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