Thursday, March 1, 2012

How Would You Define Respectful?

Spring is coming...

Hormones are raging...

Kids are becoming too comfortable...

Thus, we had a COME TO JESUS meeting today (in the middle of which some kid told me I should write a book--I'm pretty sure it's been done).

My students needed to be reminded that only respectful behavior is allowed in our classroom. Rude behavior is not tolerated. We talked about who they want to be, who they want to be remembered as, and how their actions affect themselves and others not only right now, but into the future.

I told them a bit about my junior high experience--the students I remember fondly and those whom I would not want to run into at Target even now and why. I'm hoping they'll take a some of that to heart.

It breaks my heart to watch them treat each other (and me on occasion) with such disrespect. I just hope and pray that they will come to realize (soon) the impact of their words and actions and have a change of heart.

To make this "chat" more relevant, I posted the definitions of respectful and rude up in the room and had the students come up with an example for each on a post-it.

The respectful sign and examples are up in the front of the room on the board. I told the students that this is the behavior that we want to have in the forefront of our minds all the time.

The student who used "they're" correctly on that orange post-it makes my heart burst with pride...

On the flip side, the rude sign and examples are in the back of the room by the door and the trash can--obviously because that behavior is trash and not allowed in our room.

Surprisingly, I noticed quite a difference today. I'm sure it's because my words were still blazing in their minds (the short term memory hadn't kicked it all to the curb yet), but I can only hope and pray that some of those words will stick. I'll keep you posted...


Happy READ ACROSS AMERICA DAY tomorrow! This is the first book I ever read on my own--thanks Dr. Seuss.

And in honor of the big day, I'm helping the madre make these gems for her little ones...

(Thanks Pinterest)

Perhaps I'll find a few minutes to have story time with my big little ones tomorrow. Oh the Places You'll Go seems quite relevant. :) 

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