Thursday, August 1, 2013

We Went on a Safari!!!!

Ok, it wasn't an African safari, but it was AWESOME! I can't wait to do the real thing in Africa someday (totally on the bucket list of life).

The whole fam (that was there) went to San Diego's Safari Park. We had the incredible opportunity to go on a Caravan Adventure Safari where we got to ride into the field with the animals and feed giraffes. It was seriously amazing!

Here are some highlights!

Here we are on our caravan safari!  

 Baby rhino! He's never been touched by human hands!

 God, you really created something special here. These giraffes are amazing!

 Grandma feeding Willow. 

 Brother and Willow. 

 Polly with Willow.


 Mama LOVED the giraffes! 

 So did I!

 And of course, I LOVED seeing the elephants! See the babies?!?

 They were adorable in the water!

So stinkin' cute!

The safari park was definitely a huge highlight of the vacation. It's quite spread out and there's a ton of walking, but it was totally worth it!!!! 

Stay tuned for some miscellaneous San Diego adventures! 

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