Sunday, August 4, 2013

San Diego. (The Rest.)

You've read about SeaWorld, the zoo, and the Safari park, but what about the rest of our time in San Diego?

Well, we went on a trolly tour beginning in Old Town and traveling all around San Diego and Coronado, and we ate. And we ate. And we ate. Did I mention that we ate?

Here are some highlights from the rest of our trip!

 This was our view from lunch on Coronado!! What the what??

 Here we are on the trolly tour. 

 It was SO WINDY in the back!!

Here's the fam at dinner in Little Italy! Yum!

 Cannoli is my FAVORITE!! (Mouth is watering.)

I must say, Point Loma Seafoods is probably my new favorite place to eat. AMAZING!!

As you can probably tell, we had a wonderful time in San Diego! Thanks again, Grandma and Grandpa! Now we're looking forward to Yosemite next year with the whole fam! 

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