Monday, February 8, 2016

The Narrow and the Wide

My students have been reading and studying Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken." One of the activities that they are currently working on is writing their own poems about important decisions. I wrote one of my own to share with them as an example. They are all works in progress, but I'm pretty impressed so far with what they've come up with. I may share some on here when they finish (if I have permission!). Until then, here is mine:

The Narrow and the Wide
Two roads stretched before me, 
The narrow and the wide
And knowing I’m but one person
My heart, my loyalty I couldn’t divide.
The narrow required surrender,
Yet beckoned with new life
Calling me to lay it all down,
Turn out of darkness; into light.
But the wide was so appealing
With its promise of pure pleasure,
Immediate satisfaction and gain
And success beyond measure.
Two roads stretched before me, 
The narrow and the wide,
And I knew I had to make a choice
Something was calling me to decide.
The narrow looked anything but easy;
Twists and turns were imminent.
Yet, looking to others gone before,
It all seemed so very worth it.
The wide was the simple escape
With its drugs and sex at little cost.
But, as I gazed upon its horizon,
Its inhabitants seemed empty, so lost.

Two roads stretched before me, 
The narrow and the wide-- 
It was time to journey forward;
Time to step up and lay down my life.
For I know this life was never my own;
I was created for something more. 
I’m meant to live for my Lord and Savior; 
It was Him I was made to adore. 
Success and fame don’t make it to the grave;
Earthly pleasures create only lasting pain. 
Drugs, sex, and money will inevitably fade,
While selfishness and pride are the only true gain. 
One road stretched before me--
On the narrow I journeyed forward,
Gaining abundant life and lasting joy;
Needing nothing than my Jesus more.

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