Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Bad Case of Foot Jealousy...

Apparently Sir Lefty over here got a bit jealous that Righty was getting all the attention--what with CRPS and all. 

Soooo, Lefty decided to get CRPS too.

Yup, the lovely syndrome is now occupying both feet. Thanks a lot, Lefty.

Of course, Righty wouldn't let Lefty steal all of its glory, so the majority of the CRPS is still in Righty, but the crazy shiny skin and redness and burning has worked its way on over. Joy.

We always knew this was a possibility, but I was counting on Lefty to be solid--it already had its time to shine.

I go back to the pain dude this week. Maybe he'll have some insight (although most people don't). I'll keep you posted. :)

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Anonymous said...

Amers! Tell that naughty left foot to not give in to peer pressure! I'm so sorry to hear this. We will be praying for you, friend. Hope to see you in just a few weeks - we really miss you.